Succulents are hearty plants that will grow with little care and maintenance. Some plants will grow little “babies,” such as the echeveria pictured here.

You can leave them as is, or when the babies get about 2 inches in size, you can cut them from the stem and replant it into the existing pot, in a new pot, or give it to a friend.

Check out Due Manici below. After 3.5 months, the arrangement has grown and become more full. As you can see, little babies grew from the main plant in the bottom right side of the image. You can cut these and replant them, or leave them as is.

Aren’t succulents just wonderful?

Succulent’s Bloom

Some succulent varieties bloom in Spring/early Summer. Some grow a long stem and have yellow, pink or purple flowers (depending on the succulent). Others will grow little flowers without a long stem. I think they are beautiful. The bloom lasts 1-2 months with the cute little flowers, but then will dry up. Once dried, just pull off the stem at the base or for those without a stem, prune the dried flowers. Then, wait to see it again next year.

Pretty pink bloom of this succulent