Soup Collection

These fun vintage soup bowls/cups serve as the vessels for these little assorted succulents. Accented with a river rock. Pick your flavor: Mushroom, Chicken, Onion or Homestyle!

$13. “Homestyle” available (pictured above).
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Vintage Cup & Assorted Succulents

Vintage, thick glass cup with assorted succulents, accented by a river rock.

$12 as pictured.

Vintage Glass & Saucer

Vintage glass with saucer planted with assorted succulents and topped with earthy pebbles.


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Teacups & Saucers Collection

We hand select these teacups & saucers. Sometimes they luckily can be found in actual pairs, other times we have to find a matching saucer for the cup. Elegant and stylish, they contain assorted succulents and have a river rock accent.

$12 each as shown. 

Canned Goods

These cans would usually be tossed out or recycled, but now they are a vessel for a succulent arrangement. Assorted succulents tightly planted in the tin can, with some river rocks as an accent. Suitable for indoors only.

$8 each as shown.

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