June 2012

Melrose Trading Post

Last Sunday, June 24, the Republic of Succulents sold at the Melrose Trading Post, our first “public market” experience. It was a gorgeous LA day, so after the legwork of setting up, we kicked back in our orange and green beach chairs and greeted potential customers. Overall, it was an interesting and good experience. We thought of it as an opportunity to hand out business cards (for future opportunities), conduct market research (literally), and give it a try. 

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Shop Arrangements in-Person Sunday June 24!

Shop the Republic of Succulents public market store at the Melrose Trading Post this Sunday, June 24 from 9 to 5 pm!

We will have a stand and showcase all of our available arrangements for your shopping pleasure! We have 20 brand new handcrafted arrangements to debut. Each of our one-of-a-kind arrangements start at $8 and prices average ~$20. What a sweet deal for unique, handcrafted gifts, right? 

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Our Postcard

This postcard was created to announce to friends our launch.

Replanting & Grooming

You can maintain the beauty of a succulent arrangement by grooming it periodically. This means pulling off the dead/dried leaves from the plant and those that have fallen into the soil. Also, after sometime, the plants may have grown big and unwieldy. Check out this arrangement given to Tiffany & Adrian at their Housewarming Party over 2 years ago. Most of the plants have done well, grown. One didn’t do so well as you can see at the bottom of the picture. Replanting and grooming does it wonders – see the after!

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New Creations

Last Friday, we planted newly acquired succulent plants in newly thrifted containers. We were pretty productive. Check out each unique arrangement individually under portfolio. We hope you’ll take one home with you.