Replanting & Grooming

You can maintain the beauty of a succulent arrangement by grooming it periodically. This means pulling off the dead/dried leaves from the plant and those that have fallen into the soil. Also, after sometime, the plants may have grown big and unwieldy. Check out this arrangement given to Tiffany & Adrian at their Housewarming Party over 2 years ago. Most of the plants have done well, grown. One didn’t do so well as you can see at the bottom of the picture. Replanting and grooming does it wonders – see the after!

Before grooming and replanting


After some TLC, grooming and replanting

The after picture looks like a new arrangement, doesn’t it? There were no new plants added. The overgrown plants were cut, and then replanted directly into the soil. Some say that after cutting the plant, you should let it form a coat after a few days and then replant it. My experience has shown that it is okay to replant immediately. The place where you cut the plant (aka the “stem”), may grow another plant too! You can also leave the leaves that broke off, which may begin to form a root and new baby plant. Aren’t succulents amazing?

Succulent Care Instructions.