July 2012

Love Letter from Di

Lovely Di purchased Periwinkle for her urban home in San Francisco, and sent us this lovely note in her beautiful calligraphy-handwriting. We love notes and she even sent us a photo – doesn’t Periwinkle look cozy? Thank you Di and we are happy that one of our arrangements found a great home in Di, Brian and Little J’s home.

Vertical Garden & Assorted Containers

If you’ve been on Pinterest, you’ve probably already seen the image of this vertical garden already (by Flora Grubb Gardens). I’d love to have such an amazing art piece in my future outdoor space one day. But, did you notice the clean and minimalist containers next to the vertical garden. We love how the pots are of varying sizes and shapes, but in the same color family, and contain only 1 type of succulent plant each. Makes it a modern display. Love it!

Care of Design Sponge and Flora Grubb Gardens

Photos from our Pop Up Shop – July 15, 2012

Patrons that came by our “pop up shop” at the Melrose Trading Post last Sunday asked, “Do you have a store?” I replied, “this is it!” Check out photos from our storefront on July 15.

A Lovely Note

A lovely handwritten note sent via US Post from our dear friend and patron, Liz. We appreciate love letters!

MJ’s 1st Birthday Party Favors

The Republic of Succulents completed and delivered our 1st order of party favors. Read about the favors here!

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