Succulents are Easy to Care for


Succulent Do’s:

  • Do water periodically.  Water succulents between 1-4 times per month depending on season and how dry the soil looks. It is fine to let the soil completely dry out (doesn’t need to be kept moist like other plants). When its hotter, water more frequently:
    Spring & Summer → 3-4 times/month | Fall & Winter → 1-2 times/month
  • Do give them at least 2-6 hours of direct/full sun.  Best to leave them outdoors with good circulation; okay indoors by a bright window or on a window sill.
  • Do give them sun + shade.  Too much direct sun can burn some plants, especially during summer heat. Too much shade will turn many plants into monochrome green color.
  • Do acclimate.  If you’re plant is going to be outdoors in full sun, acclimate them first by putting them in a shady spot one week with some sun, then in a more sunny spot the 2nd week, and full sun on the 3rd week. This helps the plants adjust from being born in a green house to the bright outdoors.
  • Do groom.  Periodically remove dead/dried leaves (prevents rotting and bugs).
  • Do leave them alone.  They’ll thrive!


Succulent Don’ts:

  • Don’t over-water.  This is the #1 killer of succulents. When in-doubt, don’t water.
  • Don’t keep them indoors without any direct sun.  Succulents need direct/full sunlight 2-6 hours per day. Inside, place them on a window sill or near a bright window.


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