Macramé is Hot

Don’t have a window sill or space to place your succulent arrangement? Go up!

Place a hook from the ceiling/wall with a handmade macramé plant hanger from the Republic of Succulents for your plant. Our Macramé plant hangers come in neon pink, natural (hemp) and green. These macramé plant hangers are modern, bright and functional too – they enable you to place the plants directly by a bright window.

Starting at just $5 when purchased with your succulent arrangement. We’ll throw in the hook for free!


Succulent to Washington D.C.

Lynn and Ali visited us from DC in August. They were great patrons as well and purchased 3 succulent arrangements for their friends in SoCal. Upon their departure, they took home a custom arrangement, Designed for DC. We packed it nicely in a box and it arrived safely via airplane with them to their home in Washington DC. Here’s a photo she sent. Thank you Lynn and Ali!

Succulent’s Bloom

Some succulent varieties bloom in Spring/early Summer. Some grow a long stem and have yellow, pink or purple flowers (depending on the succulent). Others will grow little flowers without a long stem. I think they are beautiful. The bloom lasts 1-2 months with the cute little flowers, but then will dry up. Once dried, just pull off the stem at the base or for those without a stem, prune the dried flowers. Then, wait to see it again next year.

Pretty pink bloom of this succulent

Replanting & Grooming

You can maintain the beauty of a succulent arrangement by grooming it periodically. This means pulling off the dead/dried leaves from the plant and those that have fallen into the soil. Also, after sometime, the plants may have grown big and unwieldy. Check out this arrangement given to Tiffany & Adrian at their Housewarming Party over 2 years ago. Most of the plants have done well, grown. One didn’t do so well as you can see at the bottom of the picture. Replanting and grooming does it wonders – see the after!

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New Creations

Last Friday, we planted newly acquired succulent plants in newly thrifted containers. We were pretty productive. Check out each unique arrangement individually under portfolio. We hope you’ll take one home with you.