Succulent to Washington D.C.

Lynn and Ali visited us from DC in August. They were great patrons as well and purchased 3 succulent arrangements for their friends in SoCal. Upon their departure, they took home a custom arrangement, Designed for DC. We packed it nicely in a box and it arrived safely via airplane with them to their home in Washington DC. Here’s a photo she sent. Thank you Lynn and Ali!

Adventure of a Succulent > to Hong Kong

I gave a really good friend, Terence, a baby jar succulent. The thing is, is that Terence lives in Hong Kong. He took the succulent with him from LA to Hong Kong, and sent these photos. This is the furthest an item from the Republic of Succulents has traveled > we now have international reach. Does a Republic of Succulent travel well? Terence and I will say, yes it does.

Vertical Garden & Assorted Containers

If you’ve been on Pinterest, you’ve probably already seen the image of this vertical garden already (by Flora Grubb Gardens). I’d love to have such an amazing art piece in my future outdoor space one day. But, did you notice the clean and minimalist containers next to the vertical garden. We love how the pots are of varying sizes and shapes, but in the same color family, and contain only 1 type of succulent plant each. Makes it a modern display. Love it!

Care of Design Sponge and Flora Grubb Gardens

Our Postcard

This postcard was created to announce to friends our launch.

Introducing the Republic of Succulents

It is very exciting to start this new venture, which is an intersection of my passions of:

  • Succulents
  • Thrifting (aka Treasure Hunting)
  • Photography (all images on this site where photographed by me)
  • Beautifying Spaces (succulents help add that special something to your outdoor spaces)

How lucky am I? >> I’m thrilled to share my passions with you!