New Creations

Last Friday, we planted newly acquired succulent plants in newly thrifted containers. We were pretty productive. Check out each unique arrangement individually under portfolio. We hope you’ll take one home with you.

Thrifting Treasures

Today Benny and I went on our usual “thrifting circuit” to the Goodwill store and Out of the Closet.

We picked-up these containers for the Republic of Succulents:
(from left to right) 

  • Vintage Round Aluminum bowl.  It seems to be missing its “hat” so its original use can no longer be effectively fulfilled → it will have a new purpose soon. It has an official looking stamp on the bottom and is made in the good ole’ U.S.A. (Sandy)
  • Vintage Cooper Gelatin Mold.  Its got a “bubble” pattern on the bottom. Maybe from the 1950s? (Gelatin)
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