We think that Succulents are the best because:


  • Drought-tolerant! Succulents are native to dry climates and only need to be watered 1-2 times per month >> saving both water (a thing all of us SoCal residents should do) and energy (brain space)
  • Propagation, baby! If the juicy leaves of the plants break off, they will often form roots which can be replanted; plants can be cut from the original plant, and replanted and grow new plants!
  • Require little care, but will thrive: We lived in Barcelona for 7 months, and our collection of plants in LA survived! Our neighbor wonderfully watered the plants monthly, that’s all they needed. See our care instructions.


Succulents are the best plants because they don’t need much water, require little maintenance, and are beautiful year-round.


Leaves that fell off the main plant have sprouted roots and baby plants.