Handcrafted Succulent Arrangements Uniquely Contained

Each succulent arrangement is carefully handcrafted. Our drought-tolerant plants are purchased from local vendors. Our containers are thoughtfully selected one-by-one, often thriftedupcycledor repurposed,* making them one-of-a-kind works of art which are not only beautiful, but also contribute to sustainability.

With a focus on artful design, succulent plants are specifically paired and carefully arranged in the vessels. Each arrangement is unique and are easy to care for.

*Thrifting, Upcycling, and Repurposing are Awesome!  Thrifting means treasure hunting at a local thrift store to find unique items, which also supports a local charity. Upcycling is the practice of converting materials which would otherwise be tossed-out into products of greater value by repurposing it. Repurposing means finding a creative/new use for use for an item. These actions reduce our carbon foot print by reusing vs. buying new, and ensures that your arrangement is uniquely contained!