Thrifting Treasures

Today Benny and I went on our usual “thrifting circuit” to the Goodwill store and Out of the Closet.

We picked-up these containers for the Republic of Succulents:
(from left to right) 

  • Vintage Round Aluminum bowl.  It seems to be missing its “hat” so its original use can no longer be effectively fulfilled → it will have a new purpose soon. It has an official looking stamp on the bottom and is made in the good ole’ U.S.A. (Sandy)
  • Vintage Cooper Gelatin Mold.  Its got a “bubble” pattern on the bottom. Maybe from the 1950s? (Gelatin)
  • Teal Asymmetrical Ceramic Ramen/Udon Bowl. I thought it was some kind of a handmade pitcher – the little holes threw me off. Googling it told me it is indeed made by hand in USA or Canada by Flavour Design. Nice find, huh? (Ramen)
  • Vintage Steel Bread Pan. This thing is kinda heavy duty. I like the aesthetic of steel with succulents, the dynamic between hard & soft. (Bread Pan)
  • Small Teacups & Saucers. 4 porcelain teacups or maybe espresso cups, because they are tiny. Made in China – at least I got it second-hand. Party favor set, maybe? (Teacups)

Stay tuned to see how we turn these thrifted finds into handcrafted succulent arrangements!